Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What? No rain?

Miracle!  It did not rain today! Not one drop of rain fell from the sky and wow what a difference that made in the good ole routine of "Let Dog Out, Let Dog In, Let Dog Out, Let Dog In...." Every time I let the dogs in.....I recognized my doggies. My cream doodles were not chocolate doodles. My apricot doodles were not chocolate doodles. My red doodles were not chocolate doodles. My chocolate doodles were not...oh wait...yes they were.  My chocolate doodles were still chocolate doodles but CLEAN chocolate doodles!  The puppies liked being outside SO much better today as well.  They didn't sink up to their elbows in mud puddles. Well maybe that is not quite an accurate statement.  Puppies don't really care whether they romp elbow deep through mud puddles but I definitely care so I liked it so much better today!  I took my camera outside to get some cute pictures of the puppies playing in the yard (as opposed to playing in a mud pit) but every picture turned out blurry. *sigh*. I think my battery was too low to focus properly. I am charging the battery now so hopefully the next round of photos will be better. I wanted to share my pictures because the puppies were so cute today.  They really got into playing and romping around AND they all came back inside nice and clean.  While we were out enjoying the NON rainy day, the puppies all got their nails trimmed and coats brushed.  They are all so beautiful now.  Sadly, the beauty won't last.  Tomorrow's forecast: MORE RAIN!  I thought APRIL Showers brought May Flowers. What good comes of MARCH showers?  I can't say I am looking forward to another solid month of rain.  I mean the rain itself isn't so bad.  I have nothing against rain - it is just the constant POURING and DUMPING of inches upon inches of rain that is so difficult to take. Our backyard is completely underwater and there is so much flooding around our area. My doggies and I would like a break from scuba diving during the potty runs outside.  I think they have just about reached their certification levels and soon I will have Scuba Diving Instructor Doodles! I guess I better get the snorkels back out for tomorrow.  Looks like it will be another soggy day!

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