Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mom weekend

My mom and I had been planning for weeks to spend part of Sunday afternoon together - just the two of us - and when my younger daughter heard that her Grandma and Mom were going out ALONE without her - well she was not happy. What about the 3 musketeers? What about the fact that she misses Grandma? So last night my mom came all the way out here just to take my daughter to the movies so they could have some alone time. It was a really good plan...but once she got here, dinner happened, and then talking happened and then laughing happened and then it was too late to go to the theater. Luckily, I am a movie-a-holic and I had a good movie to watch here. Of course I made my world famous popcorn - so that just added to the perfect evening. We haven't spent just a quiet fun night relaxing with her in a long time so it was a well overdue evening.  This morning I got up early - I mean really early because the clocks are now all ahead an hour so when I got up early - it was just cruel. I had to give 2 puppies sponge baths this morning because....well one puppy didn't hold it all night and that puppy didn't walk very far to leave a lovely fact he left his present on TOP of another puppy and then they decided to snuggle together. Oh joy. Thank you sweet puppies.  After all the puppy work was done, I headed off to see my mom again. Even though I saw her last night - we already missed each other and immediately started laughing and chatting the second we saw each other. We spent the day shopping for some fun things for spring. It was a blast.  It is so nice to just hang out with your mom. I feel lucky that mine loves to be with me and I love to be with her and whenever we are together - a good time is guaranteed. We shopped until we dropped and enjoyed every moment. Thanks mom!!!! 

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