Thursday, March 24, 2011

Irish Candyathon

At lunch today the UPS man brought a big box for ME!  What could it be?  What is inside?  Who is it from? Well it was from my sister!!!!  She just returned from a trip to Ireland and while she was there she bought us goodies! What a surprise!  She is always thinking of my family and she gives the BEST presents in the world.  My sister really thinks about who she is giving a present to.  She thinks about what they like, what means something to them and what they love to do.  She never gives just any ole present in order to fulfill an obligation, she always give a gift straight from her heart.  Every birthday and every Christmas she gives the very best, most thoughtful gifts to each and every member of my family.  She has a way of knowing just what you have been hoping for and then makes it even better.  Whenever we get a present from my sister, we know it is going to be great.  This past summer she surprised us with a box of pinecones that were specially treated to give off the most beautiful colors when thrown into a campfire.  They were amazing! It was like watching the Aurora Borealis right in your fire.  So today when a package arrived from my sister, I eagerly opened it.  Inside was a beautiful tunic that she bought for me in Ireland. It is really pretty!  I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!  Then the rest of the box was FILLED with edible goodies from Ireland.  Oh my goodness - after dinner we had a marathon of Irish sweets.  An Irish Candy-chocolate-a-thon. I am SOOOO full!  I mean you can't just have everyone else try all the goodies and not participate! I started out with the Milk Chocolate Digestives which are always TOO good.  mmmm. Everyone loves them!  Then I tried the Crunchie which is a milk chocolate covered honeycomb candy.  I have to say that was pretty good too.  My daughter LOVED the jam filled cookies and my husband loved the chocolate caramel topped biscuit cookies.  Everyone's favorite however was a candy bar called, "Moro". Oh my goodness!  It is a nougat, caramel topped biscuit type candy that was delicious!  I was quite grateful that my sister put in several of those as we are already starting to hoard them to make sure we all got an equal share. We had a lot of fun after dinner trying all the Irish goodies.  My daughter said she felt like she went on a trip across the pond for dessert.  Thanks dear sister!!!! You made our evening!

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