Monday, March 28, 2011

What Once Was Lost is Found

This morning as soon as I woke up I soon realized I lost something special.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres gave me a beautiful pair of earrings for Christmas. I was shocked when I found them hanging on our Christmas tree right next to our pair of dove ornaments.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres totally surprised me and the earrings meant the world to me.  Last night I was so tired when I crawled into bed that I set them on top of my clothes instead of putting them away.  I even toyed with the idea of wearing them to sleep but I was afraid I would break them during the night so I took them out and didn't walk the extra steps to put them away properly. I just laid them down and figured I would get them in the morning.  BIG mistake!  When I woke up, I couldn't find my earrings anywhere. I looked through everything.  I looked multiple times in the same location.  I checked pockets and then checked pockets again and then fulfilling the definition of insanity, checked the pockets a third time thinking that THIS time, the earrings would magically appear. They were gone.  I ripped apart the bed, stripping it down to the mattress and then even the mattress came off.  NOTHING.  The worst part was thinking about telling Mr. Yesteryear Acres that the present I loved so dearly was missing.  I kept saying to myself, the earrings can't walk, they have to be here somewhere but everywhere I looked - no earrings. The tears welled up in my eyes making it impossible to see.  I finally broke down and told Mr. Yesteryear Acres that I lost the earrings he gave me.  I was prepared for the, "You should have put them away."  I was ready for the "I can't believe you lost those earrings."  I was ready for the, "why didn't you take care of them". When I told him he said, "I know you put them someplace safe, don't worry, you will find them. You were probably too tired to remember where you put them."  No criticisms. No harsh words.  Just the belief that I would find them. That made my tears fall even faster. And wouldn't you know it......later today - I found them. Even in my exhausted state,  I put them in a zipper compartment so I wouldn't lose them.  I immediately let Mr. Yesteryear Acres know that I FOUND my earrings. I was bubbling over with excitement and happiness.  He just said, "I knew you would." Whenever I wear my earrings from now on, not only do I wear a most thoughtful Christmas gift, but also I wear Mr. Yesteryear Acres unending faith in me. can be sure at the day's end - they will be nestled in my jewelry case, safe and sound. 

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