Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jet Propulsion Air Vents

I had a nice leisurely morning at the hotel and didn't check out until almost noon. My son was a huge help and loaded up all of our things for our trip back home. He even made us peanut butter and jelly bagels for lunch. As we made our way back home it became clear that the service department at the car dealership did not fix the car. If you pushed the "Off" button on the climate control, the air would in fact NOT turn off, but instead, blast at you at full power. If you pushed the fan down button, the fan did not slow down; it didn't change its speed whatsoever. If you pushed the air conditioning button, the air conditioning did not come on. If you pushed the heat button can you guess what happened..... No heat!! All we were left with was an uncomfortable blasting of tepid air which blew furiously at us for the entire car ride. My son was not bothered by this at all, but I could not block this from my mind. I do not like air blasting me in the face. I do not like the sound of jet engines roaring from my air vents. I do not like uncomfortable torrents of sticky air coming directly at me as if I were in a wind tunnel and I especially do not like it when the "OFF" button means, "I don't think so".  We had to turn the radio up full volume just to hear it. It was really an uncomfortable journey home, made even more so by the fact my car was at the shop on Friday for the entire day for no reason. Ugh.  So first thing tomorrow, I will have to call the service department and lose my vehicle for yet another day. I am hopeful that they will repair it correctly this time.  Other than the irritating non-functioning climate control situation - the ride home was fun. I loved the chance to spend the entire day with my son. I loved hearing and talking about the things that matter to him.  We had several insightful conversations and he just makes me so proud.  I am lucky to be blessed with a son as thoughtful and as witty as he is.  I am also really lucky that he thought the ride home together was as much fun as I did.  He can't wait for the next puppy delivery trip. I have to say that I will look forward to it as well.  2 days spent traveling alone with my son is something to treasure. Time flies by so quickly. Today time slowed down so I could spend my day - out on the open road - hanging with my son.

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