Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Surprise

My older daughter had the BEST TIME ever last night.  The Naval Academy was treated to an awesome concert by Gavin DeGraw followed by Maroon 5.  My daughter pretty much ran to get the tickets as soon as they were available.  She couldn't wait for last night's concert.  Yesterday afternoon my daughter texted me and told me that her roommate wanted to meet her at 6pm. My daughter told her that she wanted to be in line at 6pm so she was sure not to miss Maroon 5. Her roommate said that she had to trust her and to meet her at 6pm.  My daughter basically told her that for her, and her alone, she would risk missing getting good seats to the concert and agreed to go meet her. Of course all day she was nervous because what if she did get bad seats? What if she were late to the concert?  What was so important that she had to go meet her roommate instead of getting in line for the concert? I mean this was MAROON 5 after all!  Later that afternoon, I got a text from my daughter's roommate.  She told me she had a huge surprise for my daughter.  She got her a backstage pass to MEET Maroon 5! AND I wasn't allowed to say anything!  OH NO!  Do not tell me a huge big secret of ultimate happiness and not let me share!  The agony!  The torture! I had to be good the rest of the day and not say a word.  I kept staring at the clock waiting until 6pm and as soon as it was 6pm sharp - I smiled the biggest smile.  I knew at that minute my daughter was getting the biggest surprise of her life.  That was such a thoughtful and wonderful and awesome thing her roommate did for her. The pass was actually given to my daughter's roommate for her birthday but she knew how much my daughter loves Maroon 5 and GAVE my daughter her birthday present pass.  How sweet is that? And the roommate LOVES Maroon 5 as well so it was truly an act of deep friendship. *sniff sniff*. That just is so heart warming!  In the end - my daughter got to meet Maroon 5 AND so did her roommate. I was so happy for them both.  They even got pictures with the band. The concert was everything they had dreamed of and they sang and danced and had the time of their lives.  Now THAT is an awesome evening!!!!!! 
ps.............dear best sweet roommate to my daughter........I am baking something extra special just for you!

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