Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Solar....or rather SOULar charged

The SUN!  The SUN!  I actually saw the sun today!  Bright blue sky and sunshine! Ahhhhhhhh. I feel rejuvenated.  I feel like my soul got recharged.  I went outside and just turned my face to the sun and closed my eyes and let the warmth wash over me. I could feel myself smiling from deep inside.  I have really missed seeing a pretty sunny day. It isn't that I hate grey days because I still find good in them.  Sometimes a grey rainy day with a book by your side is all the happiness you need in the world. BUT - day after day after day of never seeing the sun gets a little old.  I was so happy to have a beautiful day.  I took time to go take a walk which was really the highlight of my day.  I saw so many people outside soaking up the sunshine happiness. There were people out walking dogs.  There were dogs out walking people. It was a great day to just be. I took a few pictures along the way so I could share my sunshine in case you didn't get any where you are....
Everything is still pretty green so I have weeks left to enjoy the weaving of fall colors into the landscape.  It was lovely to stop here and just smile at the Beauty of Nature.
The water was particularly serene and peaceful.
I really needed sunglasses it was so bright and sunny! That made me smile too!
Look what I found on my walk.  We both just stood there for the longest time. Each enjoying our uniqueness. It filled me with wonder.
We said our goodbyes and I ever so slowly walked away and let the deer graze in peace.
I found one hint of fall to share.
It makes me look forward to many more walks to come.

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