Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leaf Chasing

Mr. Yesteryear Acres did an awesome job delivering puppies all by himself and he is my hero for the day! I am usually the one that makes the long puppy mobile drive but he was sweet enough to take a turn this time. That gave me more time to spend with my younger daughter for her very short fall break.  I was SO glad to be able to be at home with her and so glad that Mr. Yesteryear Acres did such a great job driving the puppy mobile to the east coast and back.  He said the puppies were SO good and the trip was just beautiful.  The fall colors were out in their full glory and he enjoyed every minute.  My daughter and I stayed behind and made sure everything was running smoothly here at Yesteryear Acres.  We did the farm chores, took care of the puppies, cleaned the house and then had the best time this afternoon playing with the puppies outside.  The wind was really blowing hard and the leaves were skittering across the yard which delighted the puppies to no end.  They spent a good portion of this afternoon chasing leaves and hopping into big leaf piles to play.  It was hysterical to watch. I am not sure who had more fun - the humans - or the puppies!  Tomorrow is my daughter's last day home. Luckily Mr. Yesteryear Acres made it back home tonight safe and sound so tomorrow we can enjoy a little bit of family time before she heads back to college.  I can see homemade bread, cookies, applesauce, pasta and meatballs are on the list for tomorrow! I have to make sure to send my daughter back to college full of good memories, happy times, puppy smiles and of course, good home cooking!

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