Saturday, October 22, 2011

Conference Time

My day started bright and early here in lovely Santa Monica. We are learning all about conformation and making sure your doggies and puppies are healthy and sound. We have had so many visual aids. Slideshows, diagrams, books, pictures and.......puppies too!!!!! We have the cutest little puppy demonstrators here. 8 week old Papillon puppies. Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. Awwwwww. I just know I love what I do when the second I am away from my own doggies, I can't wait to play with the puppies here. I am the one going, "awwwww look how cuddly and sweet." I am the one snuggling and petting and loving the puppies. I truly love puppies and doggies. The very best part of the conference so far are the sweet puppies that are visiting. It is nice to have some sweet furry babies to love!!!! I have learned a few things here and there today but mostly I have learned - I am doing things just the right way. That is a good feeling to have. I find myself nodding, saying to myself, I know that. I do that. That is how we do things. My favorite part of being here is spending time with the other doodle breeders. Lunch today was just the best. We laughed until we cried. It is so great to be with other doggie lovers that all have the same "awwwww" inside their hearts. People who love doggies are my kind of people. Speaking of loving doggies.....I wonder if we can bring the puppies to dinner!!?!!

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