Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for Catching Up

I have been up late every night this week in an attempt to catch up on all my work.  I think the earliest I have gone to bed is 1:15am. This morning I was supposed to make a puppy delivery and I was just SO tired.  I was worried I might fall asleep so Mr. Yesteryear Acres agreed to make the drive instead.  Yay for Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  Even though this was a HUGE favor for me - I know that secretly Mr. Yesteryear Acres was very happy about the arrangement.  One - he didn't have to clean up poop for the day.  Two - he didn't have to do Farm Chores for the day. Three - he didn't have to pretend to work in the bedroom for the day. Four - any guesses to what store might be EXACTLY on the way home from the puppy delivery?  If you guessed Cabelas - well then you win the prize.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres left at 7:00am this morning with the hopes of returning by 2:00pm.  Hmmmmm.  Who thinks he got home on time?  Who thinks he walked in the door at 7:15pm? 12 hours after he left this morning? Yes - that would be Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  He had a nice break for the day and was quite happy to do something a little different. Even though I knew Mr. Yesteryear Acres would be glad to do the puppy delivery, I promised to tackle the Laundry Mountain in our living room, finish working on transferring the files to the new computer AND would make a delightful dinner. I got our Laundry Mountain all folded AND put away. I almost needed hiking boots to get to the top! I ended up fixing the new computer and got my website loaded and ready to go.  That was a major accomplishment on my part. For dinner - well I just happened to make Chicken Piccata with artichoke hearts and cherry tomatoes in a lemon sauce, garlic noodles, caramelized brown butter cauliflower and homemade honey oatmeal bread. I also trimmed a few doggies today - so I really get the gold star.  I got ALL my work done. Well not ALL because the kitchen still needs cleaning, the floors need vacuuming, the bathrooms need scrubbing......oh well. I accomplished my goals for the day and got the work done on today's list.  Tomorrow?  Puppy visits and maybe just maybe I will have time to unpack from my trip! Good plan!

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