Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Break = Fall Happiness

When I went to college way back in the day - we didn't have a fall break. Evidently many colleges these days do.  At first I was thinking that was a totally ridiculous idea.  Who needs a break in October?  School just started!  Breaks are for sissies! Well guess who is a big sissy?! ME!  Because I miss my daughter SOOOOOOOOO much!  I am SO happy her college has a fall break! I drove 6 hours yesterday and got my sweet little girl. Ahhhhh happiness!  I just keep hugging her and smiling.  It is SO good to have her home.  The doggies are SO happy too.  Her little doggie is almost crying with joy to see her. Every single step she takes - there is her little doggie.  They are inseparable.  We are inseparable.  We have spent the day baking and laundry, and playing with the puppies and working on school scheduling and catching up. It was a great day. I don't think I am going to take her back.  I think I will lock all the doors and hide her inside.  No one will find her.  She can stay here with me FOREVER! Good plan!  Whoever thought of Fall Break....GENIUS!

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