Sunday, October 30, 2011

Treasure the Memories

Sad day.  Our dear neighbor Joanne passed away.  She was battling cancer and we all thought she had at least another 6 months to live.  Joanne passed away suddenly and although she is pain free now - we are all so saddened by her passing.  The very first people to greet us here at Yesteryear Acres were our neighbors. We share a long driveway together and we deliver mail to one another every day. We share our love of the countryside, nature and the love of family. Joanne's husband, Larry, was my son's very first friend.  We moved here to Yesteryear Acres when my son was just 2 years old.  Larry used to raise cattle and every single day my son helped to feed the cows.  Each night at dinner we would go around the table and ask everyone what their favorite thing of the day was.  For about 2 years straight my son's answer was always, "Feeding the Moo Moos with Larry".  My son actually called our house, "The Moo Moo Brick House".  Since then Larry and my son have done lots of fun things together and their friendship has grown as has ours.  Whenever I can't find Mr. Yesteryear Acres, I know he is over at the neighbor's house enjoying good conversations. We are more than just neighbors - we are the closest of friends. And so today we say goodbye to one of our closest friends. We will miss Joanne's smiles, her warmth and her love of our family.  We will be here for Larry and help him through the hard times that lie ahead. The fragility of life once again reminds me that each and every day we need to remember to be grateful.  Remember to show our loved ones how much we care.  Remember to be thankful for all we are given. Remember to be grateful for sunny days, rainy days, snowy days and all that life sends our way. Life is a gift that sometimes fades away all too soon. Be grateful for the gift and treasure the memories.

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