Monday, October 24, 2011


Well they say it never rains in Southern California........hmmmmm. I guess I am doubting the validity of that statement. I guess TECHNICALLY it wasn't raining, It was foggy, REALLY foggy. It was so foggy it was wet and cold and it felt like misty raindrops falling all over us. When I packed for my trip to Southern California, I thought, OH THE SUN! OH THE WARMTH! I packed all my sundresses and sandals and summerwear. Lo and behold, it is autumn here. It is cold here. Everyone is wearing jeans and boots and long sleeves. I am wearing a sundress and sandals. My toes were purple today and no I am not talking purple toenail polish! The funny thing is that if you look at the weather forecast it SAYS it is bright and sunny outside. BUT if you actually walk outside - it is foggy and misty and cold. Despite the cold damp day - we still had an awesome time. Foggy cold weather could never stop us from having a great time. The end of the conference went really well and the late afternoon, while cold, was still a lot of fun. Tonight my plan is to pack my suitcases (with all my summer dresses) and then crawl into bed with a ton of extra covers and blankets. I am going to store up as much heat as possible. Tomorrow is a packed day of fun adventures before I take the red-eye back home. Come on toes.....WARM UP! We have major walking to do tomorrow!

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