Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ooooh tomorrow at O'dark-thirty I am boarding a big shiny silver jet and heading to.......... CALIFORNIA!  YEA!  I am so excited.  Every year I attend the IALA/ALAA Labradoodle Breeder conference. I have been going since the IALA/ALAA held the very first Labradoodle breeder education of excellence seminar in 2006. The conferences are a great time to connect with other doodle breeders and I always learn something new every time I go.  We have great speakers and demonstrations. We have had reproductive specialists, dog training experts, veterinarians, rescue organization representatives and many more awesome guest speakers. The roundtable discussions are my favorite. It is always interesting to hear how other doodle breeders go about their day to day business. It is also really nice to share time with other people who know exactly what it means to clean up puppy poop ALL day long.  We always have some really good laughs.  This year, as a special treat for me, I invited my sister to meet me in California.  We are going one day early and then staying one day later than my conference so we will have 2 full days to spend together having fun.  We have never ever been anywhere - just the two of us - and we are SO excited!  I think I talked to her about a million times today.  We didn't know what to pack. We didn't know what to wear.  We still haven't decided what to do or where to eat!  All we know is that Sunny Southern California awaits and we are going to be there!  We are meeting at LAX tomorrow morning and then the fun begins. California....Here We Come!!!!

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