Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Sun....BUT No Rain!!!!

Well I was mildly disappointed this morning when I rushed to the window as soon as I woke up to see the bright yellow object shining brightly in the sky. The weather forecaster said the SUN was coming out today. I guess he didn't mean it would come out HERE - just that in general - the sun is still in the sky and somewhere in the world, someone is enjoying its brilliance.  When I opened the shutter......GREY and DRIZZLY.  How surprising. It was so overcast, cold, drizzly and GREY, I wondered how that particular forecast was given to our area - but quickly moved on to other thoughts.  It wasn't pouring! Maybe the grass would dry out! Maybe I could get the puppy pictures done today!  I patiently waited for the sun until 3pm ....but alas ....she did not make an appearance.  The grass however did dry out and I did get some wonderful pictures of the cute puppies today.  They were just tickled it wasn't raining so the photo shoot was super fun despite the greyness.  We took 494 pictures...but don't worry....I only used 490 for the blog. Just kidding. Here are some cute ones from today!
I LOVE Leaves!!!

Striking a Pose

Hey....That Looks Like FUN!

Ready to POUNCE

It is a tough job being this cute!

Freeze Tag....You are it!

I will do the raking!

Snuggle Pile!

You missed one!

I like taking pictures!

Ready or Not! Here I Come!
Tomorrow....the sun!!!  We can't wait!

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