Thursday, October 27, 2011

I AM the owner!!!!

It is no secret that my laptop computer has been dying a slow and painful death.  It is simply heartbreaking. My dear old computer friend is whirring and grinding and trying ever so hard to function properly. I have been battling to the end with my programs and files and finally broke down and bought a new computer. You would think I would be happy!  You would think it would be joyous! Alas - it is NOT. First for some odd reason - my new computer does not think that I am the owner of ANY of my imported files.  If I try to open a document it says that I do not have access privileges.  ACK!  So then I have to right click and change ownership then exit then re-open and then grant permissions and WHAT IN THE HECK!?  I have at least 500 GB worth of files!  I cannot open each file individually!  I will be here until I am 60!  I tried registry edits. I tried Grant Admin Full Control. I tried Take Ownership.  I cannot get it to work unless I spend about 90 seconds per file to change its properties.  There is no joy on my face. I mean I know I should take great happiness in the fact my files are THERE but really - every single file says I am not the owner.  I AM the owner!!! WAH!!!!!  I know that if I ever get this thing working, I will be happy because I have a bright new shiny big screen and I have a serious need for reading glasses so it will someday be AWESOME.  Just not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or maybe not until the year 2031 when I finish editing all the properties on my computer.  Even my pictures say I cannot open them! I have 100 GB of photos! Sigh.  I wish I had my old friend back.  Even with the whirring - it was a faithful friend that knew - I AM the owner!!!!!

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