Monday, October 24, 2011

The Tonight Show

Miracle of Miracle - I got two tickets to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for today's taping! ON my sister's birthday! I mean it doesn't get much better than that! We were both so excited we hardly slept last night! We woke up before the sun and got ready for our amazing day. First up - WARNER BROTHER'S STUDIO TOUR! That had to be the best time ever. SO many awesome movies were filmed there! So many awesome TV shows too. I saw the original costumes from Harry Potter, The Last Samurai, The Matrix, 300, The Departed and more. It was AWESOME! We saw movie sets, TV stars, props, costumes, set designs - the works! It was movie heaven! I have to say the very best part of the entire tour was going ON the Mentalist set! The actual bona fide for real authentic Mentalist set. I saw Simon Baker's couch, Lisbon's office, the coffee break room, the interrogation room. It was really cool! After we toured the WB studios, my sister and I walked to The NBC Studios. We then got in line for our chance to be in the Tonight Show audience. We got there 3 hours early and we were number 65 and 66. Just because they send you a confirmation that you won tickets doesn't mean you actually get to go IN. It just gives you the right to stand in line in the hopes of getting in. I won't leave you in suspense....we got in! We were in the very first row behind the floor seats. Not bad! The studio was FREEZING. I think it was cold enough to keep ice cream frozen! We got to see Jay and the guests and the band and everything. It was AWESOME! I am now sitting in LAX waiting for my redeye flight back home. I have 3 more hours to go before my flight leaves. I said my goodbyes to my sister and gave her one last birthday present.......The Letter K! She has waited a whole year for her next letter. Man - I am such a good sister! Happy Birthday! Safe travels home. AND Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres.........I AM ON THE WAY!

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