Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have I been struck by Lightening?

I believe I may have been struck by lightening without my knowledge. Or perhaps I am electrostatically charged, am radioactive, carrying some sort of gadget gremlin, or basically have the power to make all electronic devices stop working.  Don't ask me how - but it is true. 

Fact: Facebook has now hidden their import external blog link and I cannot find it. My blogs will not update automatically. I cannot find a way to fix this issue.

Fact: My younger daughter got a brand new cell phone and there was an internal java error and it would not activate.  ERROR JAVA ERROR FOUND.  Even the repair expert at the cell phone store said he has never seen that before.

Fact: Blackberry continues to keep my emails from transferring to my phone. Evidently they are all being kept in some secret lair.  I hope someday, I will get my emails once again.

Fact: My windows based computer has big black rectangles that mysteriously appear on my screen and then disappear just as quickly. The black rectangles pop up about every 30 seconds and well let's just say.....are slowly driving me crazy.

Fact: My Microsoft Outlook program keeps crashing. I get the famous "Microsoft Outlook is not responding" with the fun little circle that goes round and round.

Fact:  When I type, I cannot see the letters on my screen until approximately 30 seconds later.  Long sentences don't appear until I am typing 5-6 sentences further down the page.

Fact: I have run EVERY virus detector type program and they all say my computer is perfectly fine.

Fact: All my artwork, album covers, movie posters from my iTunes have disappeared.  I have a blank page picture for every single song, TV Show and movie on my iPad.

CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE POINTS TO..... I have been struck by lightening. Gee, I always thought it would hurt more. Hey, I know!  MAYBE THE BEES DID IT!!!!  ARGH!  I certainly hope my electronic gremlin goes away! This is NOT fun. WAH!

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