Saturday, October 1, 2011


When you think of the very first day of October, what comes to mind? Is it a brilliant blue sky with a crisp breeze? Golden colored leaves, fire red leaves and vibrant orange leaves dotting the hillside? Pumpkins, apple cider, a light jacket and a I am so glad to be alive kind of a day? Well - me too.  That is what I think of when I think of October. In fact when Mr. Yesteryear Acres woke me up this morning to say, "Happy October First" I didn't even mind because I thought, "ahhhh October! AUTUMN is HERE!" I didn't even mind that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I woke up in the living room as we are still sleeping on the couches because TODAY is OCTOBER.  A whole new month.  A whole new brisk happy brilliantly colored start to a month full of Autumn happiness. Or is it? Ummmmmm. Hello? What is that drizzly cold dreary grey bleakness outside? Certainly it isn't the first day of October!  Why is it that I need a jacket? And a sweatshirt?  And a raincoat?  Where is my brilliant sunshine? Where is my quilt of beautifully colored leaves? Why is it raining....again?!  I was really really kind this spring. I didn't blame Mother Nature at all for giving us the wettest spring ever.  I didn't yell at her for the months of "mud season" instead of the beautiful new blossoms of springtime. I got used to everything being chocolate brown.  BUT Autumn is another story!  I want crisp leaves! I do not like soggy.  I want orange and red and gold leaves - not wet brown wilted ones.  I like fresh made apple cider and walking in the woods and all that wonder of a beautiful autumn day.  I think I might have to protest! I think I might have to make my unhappiness known! I demand a traditional Autumn!  I allowed September to yet again be "ONE OF THE WETTEST MONTHS OF ALL TIME".  I have heard that so many times this year, it isn't even newsworthy.  Please October, PLEASE do not be wet. Please do not be dreary.  Please be a beautiful October.  Thank you.  I will wait patiently..... with my cup of apple cider.....that I heated the microwave....because it is too cold and too wet to enjoy a nice cold glass of cider. Hint. Hint. Autumn....I am READY!

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