Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Internet Electronic Software FAILURE

ARGH!!!  My day has been SO frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a computer, Internet, software, electronic, communication gremlin of mass proportion!  I am so not happy. It all started with RIM Blackberry's mass outage. I realize that the RIM Blackberry's situation has global impact - but I am without my emails and I really really want them to fix it.  No emails are making it to my phone. No emails are sending from my phone.  I cannot get my work done.  Then on my laptop, my Microsoft Outlook stopped working today.  Because well you know if I can't get my email on my phone so wouldn't it be AWESOME if I can't get my email on my computer either?!!?  Every time I open an email that has to retrieve its information from the Internet, my outlook crashes.  I have restarted my outlook program a gazillion times today. I still have loads of emails to answer.  On top of this - my iPad did NOT like the iOs5 update and has been stuck since 10am this morning. Sooooooo no emails there either!  AND I keep getting these random black rectangles that appear and disappear on my laptop computer screen.  And everything keeps hanging up. WAH!  I am actually really good at fixing software issues and I have NO idea what is going on.  I have updated, restored, rebooted to no avail.  My favorite part has to be writing an email or my blog with only .......................
despite the fact I have already typed a paragraph. AND the import your blog link on facebook is GONE.  I cannot get facebook to import my blog!!!  What is happening?  Who sent this computer gremlin to me? Why is it affecting every piece of electronic communication device I own? Where are these black rectangles coming from? I am going to hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning - all my electronics will be back to working order.  I will hope that all my artwork and music will be restored. I will hope that all my emails will open. I will hope that my computer will turn on.  Mostly - I will hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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