Friday, October 26, 2012

43 Minutes to Go!

My son is all set to run in the Regional Cross Country meet tomorrow.  I have been making the ultimate carb dinner for him tonight so he can perform at his maximum capability.  I am telling you that feeding him - is like feeding a never ending pit.  That boy can really eat! Yesterday as soon as he walked in the door he asked, "When is dinner?"  I told him it would be ready in 45 minutes. I was making General Tso Chicken for dinner (from scratch of course) which is one of his favorites.  The groan and complete horror that erupted on his face would lead one to believe that he no longer liked General Tso chicken.  But no - it is still one of his favorite meals.  The groan was because as he said, "WHY IS DINNER SO FAR AWAY?!"  He immediately ran to the pantry and started eating a snack. I mean he might actually perish in a mere 45 minutes without food.  His snacks would be my total caloric intake ......for the day! As he was devouring his snack with break neck speeds, he then asked, "Now how much longer until dinner?"  My answer - oh dinner is SO close now. 43 minutes to go! "!"  Poor boy. 6'4" and still growing.

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