Saturday, October 6, 2012

What? There is Traffic???!!

Oh poor poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Let's all get out a box of tissues right now and suffer along with him.  Yesterday Mr. Yesteryear Acres made the long drive to Virginia.  The same drive I make ALL THE TIME.  The same drive I have told him about ALL THE TIME.  The same drive I have said has horrendous traffic ALL THE TIME. Every time I have complained to Mr. Yesteryear Acres about how much I hate driving and how bad the traffic is - I get some sort of sunshiney happy optimistic glass is always half full answer like, "Oh it can't be that bad.  Just listen to the radio and enjoy the scenery. You'll be there soon."  Well wouldn't  you know it.......Mr. Yesteryear Acres got stuck in traffic yesterday!  EGAD!  TRAFFIC! In Washington D.C.?!!!!  WHO KNEW!?! I got call after call after call with him describing the horror of the traffic.  "WE AREN'T MOVING!" or "I HAVE ONLY MOVED TWO MILES IN THE PAST 30 MINUTES!" or "HOW CAN THERE BE THIS MANY PEOPLE ON THE ROAD!?" or "WHY DO WE DO THIS?"  My favorite one is, "Did you KNOW the traffic was this bad?!"  Ummmmm yes Mr. Yesteryear Acres I DID know.  Don't worry.  I was VERY sympathetic. I felt SO bad for poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  I gave him the very best advice I could come up with.....
"Oh it can't be that bad.  Just listen to the radio and enjoy the scenery!  You'll be there soon!"
Happy Travels Mr. Yesteryear Acres!  I bet you just love that scenery!

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