Saturday, October 27, 2012


This morning I put on my warm long-sleeved shirt, warm pants, sweatshirt, hat, rain coat, rain pants and rain boots and headed outside into the wet cold dreary day.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres looked like he could use a little help with the farm chores today and I was happy to oblige.  Let me start by saying that cold and wet and rainy and soggy does not make puppy poop and doodle doggie poop clean up any fun. It is a wet, soggy, drippy mess.  The bucket becomes quite heavy quickly with all the wet decayed leaves and doodle droppings and it is a bonafide workout by the time all the chores are done. It might lead you to think it is just a miserable job but in reality it isn't.  You ALWAYS have company here at Yesteryear Acres.  Even when you have to do cold dreary soggy chores.  The doodle doggies never think a day is gloomy!  The doodle doggies never think a job is yucky!  Doodle Doggies like to help!  "OH LOOK HERE!"  "Did you miss this one!?"  "Did you see this one?"  "This one here is impressive isn't it?"  They are all very willing to help point out all the doodle doggie piles and wag their tails with enthusiasm and pride.  I have a parade of doodle doggies following me with every step. They are so happy to help me and the appreciative audience is very nice company.  The Doodle Doggies like to help feed the horses and go to the pond to feed the fish.  Watching the symphony of fish rising to the surface for the fish chow is probably their favorite pastime.  As I finished all the farm chores, I thought - I am lucky that no matter what job I have to do - I am surrounded by grateful happy creatures!

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