Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October 1st!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres totally won this month's challenge as to who will wish the other "Happy October 1st".  He usually does.  We play the game every month and have been doing so since the day we met.  Let's see this is the year 2012 minus the year we met which was 1984 equals 28 years, times 12 months a year = 336 months plus 3 more months since we met in July = 339.  Yes we have played who will win the first to wish the other Happy First of the Month 339 times.  We never miss a month.  I believe out of the 339 times we have played - Mr. Yesteryear Acres has won at least 275 times.  The few times I win, it is by staying up past midnight and shaking Mr. Yesteryear Acres awake on the couch yelling, HAPPY "____" FIRST!  He loves when I win that way! Mr. Yesteryear Acres wins by wishing me "Happy "____" First! by giving me a freshly made cup of coffee in the morning and a kiss.  I think his way is better.  Maybe that is why I let him win but let's not tell Mr. Yesteryear Acres that.
Here are your Happy October First Puppy Pictures!  That way we all win!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres, Can we go on our Happy October First walk????

How about now????
YAY!  This will be great!!!!
That was soooooo much fun!  

And we can't forget our sweet new little red Belle babies

And our sweet chunky Autumn babies

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