Monday, October 15, 2012

What a Sweet Face to Come Home To

I am back!  Back home at Yesteryear Acres! Back home to my sweet Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Back home to my doodle doggies and doodle puppies.  Back home to my bed! Oh I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!  I am SO tired.  My son is really tired too.  Our red-eye flight was delayed and we spent FOREVER on the runway last night.  We had to fly to LAX and they closed down to just ONE runway so - yes - we were there forever before we were cleared for take off.  Today has seemed to crawl by and I could have used a few toothpicks to keep my eyes open.  I am already dreaming about my pajamas!  But first......It's MONDAY! So of course - here are this week's puppy pictures...
I DEFINITELY think the puppies were laughing at how tired I was.
I clearly said, "Okay puppies - Everyone look at the camera!"
This chocolate girl wanted to join me for a nap!

Then I said, "Okay puppies - Everyone Look Left!"
Yep.  Another chocolate girl ready for a nap!
This is as close as I ever got to success with all the puppies looking the same direction.  
BUT Individually.....They were all perfect!

Awwww so cute!

What a sweet face to come home to!

Happy Monday!

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