Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enjoy the Little Things

Today as I was making my October calendar I realized there are only TWO more monthly calendars to make this year! WHAT!?!!! TWO?!!!  How can that be?! I feel like it was JUST summertime yesterday! I know I said I love Autumn so obviously I KNOW it is Autumn but seeing just 2 more monthly calendars left for this year shocked me.  How did the time fly by so quickly?  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have been so busy lately, sadly we really haven't stopped or slowed down at all since May.  Summer was filled with home improvement projects so that we didn't get to do some of the little things we had wanted to do.  We didn't sit and have morning coffee on our dock.  I mean how simple is that?  All we have to do is walk to the pond with our coffee and sit.  Our big project list of things to do is so long, we just didn't make the time for our coffee on the dock date. We didn't take the morning off to watch a movie.  That was on our list.  I was going to do that on my birthday - take one morning off and stay in my pajamas and watch an entire movie with Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  Nope. Didn't do that one either.  We have a lot of other little things on our list that didn't get done. I mean we did get a TON of really important projects crossed off our list so we feel super happy about that but I think we are going to need to start some of the other little things.  Take a walk and enjoy the colors of Autumn.  Sit and watch the stars. Have a cookout by the pond.  These are things we usually take for granted and do frequently but it has been a long time since we did any of our little things.  I am going to have to get out an INK pen, with permanent ink, and write - Enjoy the Little Things on our October calendar. I think tomorrow Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I will just have to walk right to our dock and SIT and enjoy the peacefulness of the early morning. Now that is a "To-Do" I will look forward to!  I think Mr. Yesteryear Acres will too.

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