Wednesday, October 31, 2012

That Spells DELICIOUS!

Tonight I decided I would make a side dish of alphabet noodles to go with dinner.   I have been very dedicated to cooking whole grains and healthy foods since the beginning of August and my poor son was just dying for something "normal".  We no longer have plain white rice.  We have brown rice mixed in with the white rice.  We have added Quinoa as a staple for side dishes.  We have mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. We have sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. We have whole grain bread.......You get the drill.  He has been very good about the switch but every now and then, he just wants a regular ole "normal" food.  By "normal" he means white starchy foods.  He loves white rice, white bread, white potatoes and white noodles.  I mean who doesn't?  I love them too!!  I mean I really do - but the whole grain alternatives are SO much better for you and keep you satisfied so much longer.  White processed foods just add calories.  No nutrition. So tonight, I decided to forgo the Quinoa and make good ole white alphabet noodles. I have to say, everyone was quite excited.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres was so excited that he came to give me a hug as soon as he came inside.  From being out.  In the rain.  And in the cold. I was lifting up the colander of noodles and Mr. Yesteryear Acres FREEZING HANDS touched my stomach and ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I dropped the noodles......all over the floor! There they were.  Poor alphabet noodles all over the kitchen floor. I guess I should have stuck to the healthy whole grains!!! Never fear......the doodle doggies came running in quickly to the rescue!  The lapped up every single alphabet.  Then they looked at Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I - and said..............
"That Spells DELICOUS!!!!!!"

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