Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The little things count the most

After Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I woke up we
Let the dogs out
Let the dogs in
Let the puppies out
Let the puppies in
Cleaned up the morning puppy mess
Started the puppy laundry
Fed the Doggies
Fed the Puppies
Watered the Doggies
Watered the Puppies
Let the Dogs out
Let the Dogs in
Let the Puppies out
Let the puppies in
Cleaned the doggies food dishes
Cleaned the puppy food dishes
WENT TO THE DOCK for our coffee date!!!!  We actually made it! It was heavenly.  We talked about our plans for the week. We talked about the projects we need to get done. We talked about the rest of the year and what we hope to accomplish. We talked about next summer and what huge project we should tackle.  And then.....we talked about how lucky we are. How grateful we are.  How happy we are.  How blessed we are.  And then we just sat and we were both filled with thoughts of how much we love being together and how much we love our life and how very much we appreciate each other.  Some times the little things, like having a coffee date by the pond, aren't really that little.  Most of the time - it is all the little things that count the most. The little moments are what life is really made of.  They are what make life sparkle and shine.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I spent the rest of the day working as usual - but the smiles from our morning sitting by our pond, enjoying our cup of coffee together - stayed with us all day long. As always.......Enjoy the Little Things!

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