Friday, October 19, 2012

The Human Mixer

This afternoon I decided to make a batch of my son's favorite cookies.  He has a cross country meet tomorrow so I thought he might like to bring some fresh baked cookies with him.  He loves my Molasses Oatmeal Cookies. In fact he loves them so much that one batch is never enough.  I have to at least double the recipe if I would like the cookies to last more than 24 hours.  If I triple the recipe - the cookies might last a whole 2 days.  I have handwritten notes on my original recipe for 2x and 3x batches so I can whip up the cookies with no delays. So I thought - cross country meet - lots of hungry runners - triple batch it is!  First up - 2 1/2 cups of molasses.  Wow. That is really a lot of molasses.  That is an entire jar and then some.  Wow. I am all out of molasses. I better write that down on my grocery list.  Next 3 Eggs.  Easy enough. Next.......OH MY GOODNESS! Who does NOT have on their glasses?  ME!  Who NEEDS to wear reading glasses? ME! Who put WAY WAY WAY too much molasses in the recipe?  Yes, again that would be me.  I now have a mixing bowl full of eggs and molasses. I can't very well throw that out so......time for recalculations...WITH GLASSES.  Looks like I will be making NINE TIMES the recipe amount! Yes. NINE.  As in I almost used TEN POUNDS OF FLOUR. My mixer bowl couldn't hold the liquid ingredients.  I had to split that between 2 mixer bowls and then when it was time to add the 14 cups of flour and 8 cups of oats...there was NO ROOM!  I had to get out one of my huge stockpots and call Mr. Yesteryear Acres to the rescue.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is now, "The Human Mixer".  That is the only way to get my triple triple batch of Molasses Oatmeal cookies mixed!
The empty bowls in this picture are 5 Quart Mixing bowls, which obviously are too small for MY cookies. 
We like to make our cookie dough in a 7 gallon stockpot!
Guess my son will definitely have enough cookies for tomorrow!!!!
Cookies anyone?

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