Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am not jealous

Despite the tumultuous traffic situation, Mr. Yesteryear Acres arrived safe and sound and is now happily spending time with our daughter. I am not at all jealous that in all the times I visited our daughter, she has had military obligations that prevented us from being together. I am not at all jealous that she got to eat dinner with Mr. Yesteryear Acres and spend the whole night talking and laughing with Mr. Yesteryear Acres. I am not at all jealous that this morning they got to have breakfast together. I am not at all jealous that they are going to the MCX to go shopping together. No way.  I am not jealous at all.  I love the fact that when I went to Quantico, I spent hours and hours and hours alone in the hotel just wishing I could see her.  I love the fact that I had to spend nights alone in the hotel with a broken TV with no sound and no daughter.  There is NO way I am jealous that they have a perfectly lovely hotel room with a working stove and working TV and have the whole weekend to leisurely enjoy each other's company. Me jealous? NO WAY! Okay MAYBE I am just a TAD jealous.  But even if I am ever so SLIGHTLY green with envy, I hope they have the bestest of bestest times and enjoy every single second together.  No one deserves it more!

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