Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heroes to us All

My son and I have been treated to an experience of a lifetime.  We were invited to Coronado, California to tour the Navy SEAL Base Compound. We arrived in San Diego yesterday and left our hotel early this morning and have had a whirlwind of a day. To actually witness the SEALs in training, to walk the grounds where they walk, to be a part of that experience is just indescribable. We have been in complete awe all day long.  I have to say that although my son and I are both equally in awe and have equal amounts of complete reverence, my son's reaction to everything has been, "I can't wait to do something like that!" while my reaction is "I can definitely wait until he does something like that!"  The experiences the SEALs undergo during training and beyond defies the normal limits of human endurance. "The Only Easy Day was Yesterday" can be seen everywhere.  Once again, I give my deepest thanks and gratitude for all who serve. You are heroes to us all.

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