Thursday, October 4, 2012

One More Time

Mr. Yesteryear Acres cannot stay out of the garden. It is OCTOBER and yes, our garden still is producing veggies! This is without a doubt the latest we have ever harvested huge amounts of vegetables with no end in sight.  If we don't get a frost here, I believe we will still be picking veggies at Christmas!  We have so many tomatoes. I have already made enough sun-dried tomatoes to fill an entire paper grocery sack!  I have made 107 quarts of tomato puree!  I have made 24 pints of spaghetti sauce. I have made so many batches of fresh tomato this and fresh tomato that - my kitchen is permanently red.  So what does Mr. Yesteryear Acres bring into the house this morning............
Yep!  MORE TOMATOES!!!!!! I have another couple of bushels of tomatoes to process.  STOP THE TOMATO MADNESS!!!!!! I don't think I have ever actually WISHED for a frost but.........I will be peeling tomatoes all day long for yet another batch of sauce......and maybe, just maybe, I have enough tomatoes now. Is it sweater weather yet? Guess I will go do something really crazy and.....GO PEEL TOMATOES.  AGAIN!

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