Sunday, October 21, 2012

Denial Never Works

One thing I know is that no matter how much you are in denial....reality ALWAYS wins.  I have been vainly clinging on to the last remains of warm weather days.  Did the fact we had to turn on our furnace give me some sort of clue that cold weather is here to stay? Of course not.  Did the fact I have to put on my robe as soon as I wake up in order to stay warm give me a clue? Nope.  Did the fact that Yesteryear Acres is covered in falling leaves and we have quite a few bare trees on our hillside give me a clue? Nope. Did the fact that all week long I have been searching for something to wear only to be confronted by drawers full of short-sleeved T-shirts give me the clue that denying the cold weather would not in fact bring warm weather days back.  Well......actually yes.  As the dreary cold days have continued, I finally came to the realization that I wanted long sleeves.  I wanted my long sleeved pajamas, my long sleeved turtlenecks and my long sleeve sweaters and sweatshirts.  I was cold!  The summer pajamas just weren't cutting it any longer.  My layered T-shirt look was not helping keep me warm. And so yesterday I spent several hours packing away all my summer things.  Goodbye swimsuits.  Goodbye shorts.  Goodbye T-shirts, sundresses, capris, sandals and coverups.  I shall miss you ever so much!  Sniff sniff.  I think a tear escaped as the last of my sundresses were neatly packed away.  My closet and drawers are now all full of winter gear.  I have my scarves and gloves and coats and sweaters all ready for action. And in case you were wondering - for all of you that live near Yesteryear Acres - you can personally thank me for tomorrow's forecast. Now that all my summer gear is gone.....the forecast for tomorrow.....
77* and sunny
You are welcome.

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