Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Against all predictions - Yesteryear Acres has electricity! WHAT?!  MIRACLE!  This is the first time, in I don't know how long that we did NOT lose power due to bad weather.  The last time we lost electricity was this past July when horrible storms ripped through our area.  We had no power for over a week and it was over 100* and just miserable.  We were prepared again to relive the Little House on the Prairie Days but happily - we are enjoying all the perks of a fully operational electrical system. All day long I had a smile on my face.  The water from the faucet works. The lights work. The refrigerator works. I learned long ago to never take those things for granted.  Despite the frigid winds, below freezing windchill factors, the ice, the snow, and the non-stop rain, everyone at Yesteryear Acres is happy, happy, happy.  Just ask the mud covered, drenching wet doodle doggies.  The way they wag their tails when they come inside - happiness is everywhere.

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