Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Don't Have This at Home!

This morning my son and I were up and out the door by 6:45am and started our morning exercise. The sky was still a lovely shade of pink as we headed towards the beach and the ocean was simply beautiful. My son took off on his run while I walked along the shore admiring the scenery and enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing. There were so many people out exercising. It was a great sight to see. I don't think I have ever been surrounded by so many people at that hour with smiles on their faces as they worked out.  I mean you  can't help but smile as you are presented with such a beautiful setting!!!  The beach in Coronado is just gorgeous.  This morning my son and I saw
Navy SEALs working out
Seashells and Sand dollars on the beach
Sea Lions
Dolphins playing in the surf
Fighter Jets flying overhead
Navy Ships heading out to sea
Navy Helicopters 
Navy People from the Amphibious Base running in their perspective companies
Lots of doggies having fun playing fetch in the surf.  We even met a couple of labradoodle doggies and their owners. My son wished his doodle doggie was with him to enjoy the seaside happiness of our morning.  We could have stayed there all day long.  It was just perfect. 


  1. Our family loves San Diego....Sean, our 11 year old, wants to be a Navy Seal. How did your son arrange to visit them?
    Gretchen van Besouw

  2. We had a special invitation. It was amazing!


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