Tuesday, August 13, 2013

24 Hour Watch

Yesterday was a super busy day and I wasn't able to post all the adorable puppy pictures.  The surgeon gave strict orders that my son wasn't allowed to be alone for 24 hours.  As in never.  As in he wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom alone, or be left in a room alone or be without constant supervision. His surgery was a bit more extensive than they anticipated. This made accomplishing my Yesteryear Acres work a bit of a challenge!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I took turns watching our recuperating patient and we tried to squeeze in work where we could. The hardest part was trying to use my computer.  It takes me between 2-3 hours every Monday to update my website and publish the new puppy pictures.  I just couldn't make that happen and make sure my son was taken care of.  So today is the slightly delayed Monday Puppy Picture update!  All the puppies are doing well and of course.....are so cute!
Eloise's little apricot Double Doodle Boy
Double Doodle Dreaming

Belle's Labradoodle Puppies are getting bigger!

They will start solid foods this week

Aren't they adorable?
This Puppy and I feel the same way! I have had too many late nights and no sleep. I need a nap!  Looks like I might have company!!!
Happy Tuesday!

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