Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So much work...so far behind

This morning my plan went something like this.... wake up early and then within 30 minutes of waking, go exercise.  I just got back from the medical health spa and of course I am more motivated than ever to keep up the good work.  I was just about ready to go workout when I realized I forgot to email some puppy pictures yesterday and then immediately rushed to the computer to get that done. Then Mr. Yesteryear Acres reminded me that I hadn't made August's calendar schedule yet.  So I had to do that.  New plan.....exercise before lunch!  No matter what!  Then I started going through all the bills and mail and bills and more mail that has accumulated while I was gone.  Before I knew it - it was 1:30pm and I was super hungry for lunch and still had not exercised.  New plan.......RIGHT after lunch I would catch up on some more email work AND then start checking off the list of "must do" things that my son needs finished and THEN exercise.  3:30pm at the latest....I WILL exercise. Did you know that registering for the ACT test takes FOREVER!?  My son had to sit there and answer a million questions just to register for the test.  "Would you like to build a birdhouse?"  "Would you like to make a monthly budget?"  "Would you like to hire and fire people?" and on and on and on.  After that was done we started on the SAT registration and then I had to complete medical paperwork and consents for cross-country and just at the point that I THOUGHT I would get outside to go workout......my daughter needed help ordering her textbooks for college.  Okay. So now it is 5:30.  I have not exercised.  I have not started dinner.  To be honest...I have not even had time to GET DRESSED!  I am still in my pajamas as I have been sitting at my computer since 8:00am this morning. ARGH!  New plan.  Go get dressed and GET OUT THERE before midnight!  I hope I can get outside soon or else......my new plan will have to include walking with a flashlight!!!!

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