Thursday, August 22, 2013

SURPRISE! Birthday visit of happiness!

Oh my gosh! Guess who came ALLLLLLLLLLL the way here from Vermont to wish me a happy birthday????? My sister!!!!!!  My sister arrived with my nephew to spend my birthday weekend with me! What an awesome birthday present!!!!  Today we decided to celebrate by going to a State Park to have a big picnic lunch and an awesome hike. My nephew loves the outdoors and I haven't been to the State Park for YEARS and my sister hasn't been there since she was little.  We thought it would be a great way to celebrate my big day by doing something we used to do when we were kids.  As soon as we finished our picnic lunch, I got a text from Mr. Yesteryear Acres saying we were going to get hit by a big storm.  We decided to risk the storm and go on the hike.  Well........we DEFINITELY got hit by the storm!  It was thundering! It was lightning! We got SOAKED.  I mean SOAKED.  But we never stopped laughing and never stopped having fun.  We just had the wettest, most soaking, dripping, drenching hike of all time.  My nephew said he will never forget today - the rain made it even better.
My nephew...the fearless hiker

My sister ...before the downpour

We almost stayed in here for the whole day!  Much drier!

Time to venture out

This space has been claimed by my nephew.  It is now Sean's Cave.


Small break before the big hike back up

Yes....we got our steps in!

RAIN STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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