Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hey......Didn't I just do this?

So my younger daughter has been trying to adjust to her new very small, very tiny dorm room surrounded by a mountain of crates and boxes.  When I moved her in, we didn't have a dresser or closet organizer or any shelving. We made big piles of like items and shoved everything into the boxes and crates and stacked them up towards the ceiling.  It has proven to not only be inconvenient but extremely frustrating as well. Any time my daughter needs something, she has to unstack all the boxes and search through them to find what she is looking for.  Yesterday she spent 20 minutes trying to find her stapler.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided he would be her hero and bought a lovely dresser with lots of shelving space for her.  It was exactly what she needed.  So this morning I loaded up the car with food and all the things she forgot at home and her new dresser and made the trip back to her school. Once we got the car unloaded, it was clear, that I am NOT made for assembling furniture.  It is simply beyond my expertise. Thankfully, we were able to round up some help and soon had several college kids working to put together the dresser and shelves.  YAY!  It took several hours but we got all the boxes emptied and now everything has a place in her room and it looks great.  EVEN though I thought, "Hey....Didn't I just do this?!" ....I am so glad I did.  AND even better than that......my daughter is really glad too.  Mission Accomplished.

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