Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Gift keeps on giving

Last night my son was quite delighted to hear about the "gravel" delivery and is looking forward to the first batch of ice cream with the new gravel mix-ins.  After he said that was a really nice surprise, I let him know the REST of the surprise.  Guess what the gravel was packed in? DRY ICE! Yes. A huge big block of DRY ICE.  Let me tell you that a block of dry ice has the capability to entertain my son for hours.  I might add - that I am quite amused by it as well.  We are all big science lovers so one block of dry ice can provide hours of entertainment for us all. I am not sure why the non-frozen dry mix-in gravel ingredients needed to be packed in dry ice - but no one here complained.
As soon as the farm chores were done last night my son eagerly started breaking the block apart.  First up was the dishwashing soap/dry ice bubble factory.  I don't care how many times you have seen it - it is always cool.

After that the experiments progressed.
I am not sure I should write all the amazing ways my son can find to use dry ice but let's just say there were some very loud experiments and a watermelon may or may not have been involved.  Tonight is Part II.  We still have a bit of dry ice left and my son's friend is coming over to "help" with the science experiments.  And how shall we end our evening?  With homemade ice cream of course!  Sweet Corn from our garden, Barbecue Ribs Mr. Yesteryear Acres style, Dry Ice and Homemade Ice cream.  Sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!

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