Saturday, August 10, 2013

I will miss her little stuffed duckie

Today is the last day my younger daughter will be home as she leaves for college in the morning. We are spending the day together packing all her clothes and shoes and books and supplies in boxes ready to load into the car for tomorrow's road trip.  I have never been the kind of mom who is excited when school starts in the fall.  I have always wished summer could just go on and on and on and my kids would be home with me every day.  When the kids would cry, "Oh no! NOT SCHOOL!"  I always felt the same way.  Today is no different.  Inside I definitely am crying, "Oh no!  NOT SCHOOL!"  I am not ready for my daughter to pack up for the school year.  I am not ready to say goodbye.  I am not ready to miss her beautiful shining face in the morning. I am not ready to miss the last hug goodnight each evening. I am not ready to miss her.  The truth is - that if given another week, or month, or year still would never be enough time.  I would never feel ready to say goodbye so with a smile on my face, I help her pack up her things.  I will miss her little stuffed duckie on her bed.  I will miss seeing my daughter in her room.  I will miss seeing her smiling face each morning. I know I will just hold onto the way she smiles with her whole heart and the way she brightens a room right in my heart until she comes home again. Goodbye little duckie. Time for school. Sniff. Sniff.

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