Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello From College!!

Hi everyone! This is Amelia stepping in tonight for my wonderful Mom! Today was move-in day for all the Residential Advisors (RA's) for my University. And let's just say we did not have smooth sailing. Let's just say that we wanted to leave the house by 10am at the latest, getting me to school around 1pm. Sounds perfect! I would have plenty of time to unpack and organize before my meeting at 5pm. Did we leave the house at 10am? Nope. I definitely take a lot of that responsibility. But I also did not expect for my family members to come up with so many good 'last minute things' to grab.  SO I had to run around the house like an insane woman and pack all this other stuff I didn't even know I needed. We finally hit the road at 11am. Sure. Not too bad. I can work with that. But then we needed gas in both our cars. SO that was 20 minutes I forgot to plan for. Okay now I am a little worried. But everything should be okay. We drive and drive and drive and finally get to my school. However we can NOT physically drive to my dorm building due to construction. Since I have never lived on this side of campus I literally have no clue how to get to my room. 30 minutes of driving all around I finally found a way to my building. Okay now I am frazzled and just ready to get this done. I walk to my room and I have double furniture. Since I am a Resident Assistant (RA) this year I get to live by myself. SO having 2 of everything is a shock. I talk to someone and they said just use it as extra storage space. I am just like SWEEEEEET two dressers!! Who doesn't need two dressers!?!?! So my mom and I spent probably an hour just rearranging my room to find the perfect feel and configuration. We moved every piece of furniture. And I mean we did that multiple multiple times. But it looked PERFECT! I was so excited to how my room was set up this year. So happily my mom and I start moving all my stuff into my room. Grab box. walk walk walk. Up 4 stairs. Open heavy door (not too long or LOUD alarm goes off). shuffle shuffle shuffle through door with heavy box. walk walk walk. up 3 steps. Open heavy fire door. Shuffle shuffle shuffle. walk down hallway. Beep open room. Shuffle through. Drop box. Go back for more. So as you can see the actual moving process took longer then anticipated. Many bruises and scratches later we get all my things into my room. Time to start unpacking. Unpack unpack unpack... Knock Knock Knock. "Hi, I am so sorry to bother you, but we accidentally put 2 sets of furniture in your room and we are here to take them out. We need them for the other room. We are so sorry for the mistake." Ummm okay. Let me just move ALL MY STUFF OUT OF MY ROOM SO YOU CAN TAKE AWAY MY EXTRA DRESSER! Pack pack pack pack. Shove shove squish shove slam. Okay here you go. Thanks for stopping by! So you see we had to start all over!! We had to reorganize the whole aesthetics of the room. Move all the furniture again, but this time trying not to step on or brake any of my things we brought in from the car. That took probably another good hour. So what did we do next? We took a lunch break! We were so starving that we just totally consumed our sandwiches we packed in seconds. Then back to work. And seriously it felt like nothing was working, it was never going to fit, and I clearly was NOT going to finish before my meeting with the other RAs. So what did the best mom in the whole wide world do?! She STAYED BEHIND AND UNPACKED AND ORGANIZED MY WHOLE ROOM FOR ME WHEN I WAS GONE!!!!!! Yes that is right!!! Best mom in the whole wide world status goes to my mom! Annnnnd she got EVERYTHING to fit! And my room is beautiful!!!! And guess what... She JUST left. And I mean JUSTTTTT left. I came back around 8:30 and helped her finish up the rest of my room. And she just started driving back home. So I called her and said "dearest sweetest mom in the whole wide world. Since you are not getting home before midnight tonight I am going to write your blog so you don't have to! And then you can read it tomorrow when you sit in the waiting room while my brother gets his wisdom teeth jackhammered out of his head OH SO EARLY in the morning. Because do you know why? I will tell you why...Because you are the bestest mom in the whole wide world!"

Thank you so much Mom!!!!! I love you soooo much!! And my stuffed duckie loves you too!! We will miss you, but never forget I am not that far away!! DEFINITELY not as far away as across an ocean!!! See duckie and I are really quite close to home! Drive safely!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

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