Saturday, August 17, 2013

Project for me!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres is actually IN the house this morning.....working on a project for me!  YAY! Mr. Yesteryear Acres would rather work outside any day, no matter what the weather, than work inside.  He loves living on a farm.  He finds things to work on outside every minute.  He usually is outside working by 7:00am and doesn't come in until WAY past dark.  If we didn't have a winter season here with the sun setting early....he might never come in!  The doodle doggies, the garden, the tractors, the horses, the land - they all make Mr. Yesteryear Acres a very happy man.  Today, however, he is dedicating his morning to a project just for me.  I am super excited too!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is installing a TV/DVD in the parlor so now I will have something to watch when I walk on my treadmill.  YAY!  It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring to walk on the treadmill. I mean I do it - but it doesn't mean I love it.  Now I can have something to occupy my mind while I work out.  YAY! AND I can see the TV from my desk area so on Mondays, when I sit at the computer for 3 straight hours updating the website, maybe just maybe, I might have the TV on to help pass the time.  This is awesome.  First step......Mr.  Yesteryear Acres has to install an electric outlet and wiring to the wall.  I bet he is so happy.  Who doesn't love drilling through brick walls to run electric wiring?  Maybe I should go make him a huge MAN lunch to thank him.  Based on the amount of tools needed for this project, I may have to make some tapioca pudding as well.  Looks like he will need the added incentive!  Can't wait for the finished product! Exciting!

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