Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In Search Of

Horrors!  My son boots...again! ACK!  I am sure you are wondering why boot shopping would elicit terror and I can tell you why in one word, "BIGFOOT!"  Okay technically that is two words but my son's feet won't stop growing and it feels like it should be one HUGE WORD! BIGFOOT!  I can't just go to a regular shoe store and find shoes that fit his huge feet.  It is a huge ordeal.  When my son got home from school, I called the shoe store that carries the work boots my son wears to see if they had gigantic boots in stock.  I told them right now he is in a size 14 but he may need size 15.  They checked and said that they DID have those sizes in stock.  So we drove alllllllllllllllllllllllll the way to the store which is NOT near where we live and guess what they didn't have? Size 14 and 15!  They had size 13.  Which they insisted would be large enough for my son so they brought out the size 13 and had my son try them on.  Surprise!  They were too small! Astonishing!  ARGH! So now I am in search of steel toed waterproof work boots for my poor growing boy.  One day........maybe he will stop day.  For now - new jeans, new boots and oh yes - and a sandwich for the road. He might starve you know!  Growing boys need to eat!

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