Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Most Wonderful, Awesome, Greatest Thing

This morning a little 3 year girl visited with me and let me tell you - if you could bundle up pure happiness and joy and pour it into a little tiny human being - Ms. Ellie is all that and more. As we were walking this morning EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING brought Ellie happiness. "OH LOOKIE!  GRASS!  HELLO GRASS!  I LOVE YOU GRASS!"  "OH A FLOWER!!!!!!  Do you see the flower?!  The flower is so pretty!  Don't you love the flower?! HI FLOWER!!! I love you flower!!"  This went on for every single thing she saw. We RAN everywhere.  There was simply no time to walk.  We might miss something wonderful. Ellie LOVES doggies.  "Hi DOGGIESSSSSS!  Can I pet you?  I LOVE YOU DOGGIES!"  The minute the doggie would let her pet it, Ellie would be completely enveloped in laughter and joy.  When Ellie saw the horses she put her hands up to her face and gasped as if she never saw anything so wonderful in all her life.  "HORSIES! HI HORSIES!  Moooooooooooooooo!"  I tried to tell her that horsies say, "Neigh" but Ellie would have none of that. "Mooo, Moooo, Mooooo, Mooooooo!....Hi HORSIES! I LOVE YOU HORSIES!"  As I watched Ellie run from thing to thing and squeal with delight, I could only think, that is just about the most wonderful, awesome, greatest thing.  Pure unabandoned joy. I got to spend my morning with absolute joy.  I got to spend my morning with absolute happiness.  I got to spend my morning with pure wonderment and enthusiasm.  I doubt if I can ever be as excited about seeing a ladder as Ms. Ellie was this morning, but I could aspire to perhaps smile every time I see a ladder from now on.  "WOW!  LOOK AT THAT LADDER!  That's a big ladder!  What's that ladder doing there?"  I don't think I will ever look at a ladder the same way now.  I aspire to greet my days with the same enthusiasm, joy and happiness.  "Hello Wednesday!!!! I LOVE YOU WEDNESDAY!"

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