Sunday, August 4, 2013

Southwest Creatures

During my awesome stay at the medical health spa in the Southwest, I tried to take in the beauty of the desert. I appreciated the mountains, the cacti, the desert flowers, the bunnies, and the desert birds. However, that being said, there were definitely aspects of the Southwest wildlife that I, quite frankly, did not appreciate. I am terrified of snakes and I do not particularly enjoy any species of cold blooded creatures. So when my daughter would be like "Oh mom look at this lizard! This one is so cool!" I did not find them cute or cool. I actually find them repulsive. So one day while we were walking, I accidentally  stepped on a lizard and my reaction might have went a little something like this, "Ohhhh ewwwwwwwww. I don't think that was a french fry." (There are tons of  mesquite beans on the walkways and in our state of hunger, we just call them french fries because they look JUST like french fries...mmmmmm). So anyway, after I say something to the effect of whatever I stepped on might have NOT been a french fry, my daughter turned around and in horror starts yelling "You stepped on a lizard!?!?!? WHO STEPS ON A LIZARD!? THAT'S LIKE STEPPING ON A BUNNY!!!! IT'S LIKE STEPPING ON A BIRD! WHO DOES THAT!?!?!" She continued the walk with her hands covering her face in total trepidation and kept repeating "how can you step on a lizard?!!!!!!!". Was she concerned about me? No. Did she care that I HATE reptiles and I just got up close and personal with a lizard? No. She cared about the poor little lizard I ACCIDENTALLY stepped on and may have harmed just a little bit. As if that wasn't enough nature for the day we then saw tarantulas that night.  Was my daughter concerned about the tarantula on the pathway? NO! She ran away screaming like the world was ending. She didn't stay to see if the spider made it across the path. In fact I've never seen her run away so fast in my entire life. Oh dear sweet daughter of mine... how would you feel if you stepped on a tarantula? See not a very warm and fuzzy feeling is it? I think we could agree that after that day, there was just too much nature! 

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