Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Card Shark

I never realized I had a budding card shark in the family.  Yesterday I spent the day playing cards with my son.  I taught him a few new games and suddenly - he became a card counting, strategy playing, kicking my butt kind of player.  Let me say, this is no easy feat.  I am a very good card player.  I love playing all sorts of games and am very competitive.  The first few card games went kind of like this - no you play this suit and no you can't throw that card.  Then all of the sudden, the card shark light went off in my son's brain and it was a whole different game.  He was full of anticipatory excitment with each hand.  As each hand would draw to a close he would proceed to tell me all the cards I was holding, what straights I was building and then ultimately inform me that HE has the one card I need.  I believe I have created a monster.  Today we started playing cards quite early and my son was almost willing to sacrifice lunch.  That's right - he was willing to SKIP eating just so we could continue playing our game.  I assured him that I would still be available after we ate.  Guess who is staring at me right now desperately waiting for me to finish typing this blog?  Any guesses?  If you guessed my little card shark - you would be absolutely correct!!!!!  Time to shuffle!

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