Thursday, March 6, 2014

Still Exiled

Day two of isolation......HELP!  The walls are closing in!  Who does this kind of work day after day? So many numbers!  So many receipts! I miss the sunshine.  I miss the fresh air.  I miss walking outside.  The doodle doggies have been sooooooo nice to me.  I am literally surrounded by a sea of doodle doggies at my feet.  Every now and then they look up at me and give me the "I am here for you" look.  I then take a momentary petting cuddle break and then I am right back to crunching numbers.  Oh I loathe thee. Yesterday, I had 2 friends suggest that I need cookies.  I have to agree!  I looked everywhere today cookies!  Clearly that is the thing I am missing in order to be at my optimum performance level.  Maybe tomorrow cookies will appear and help boost my number crunching ability.  Or maybe tomorrow I will take a break and do something incredibly fun like CLEAN THE HOUSE.  That's right.  I am missing my weekly "Clean the House Thursday" routine and I am actually sad about it!  I would much rather clean than do taxes. Alas.... I must go back upstairs as I am still exiled.  I am making progress - little by little.  I will get this done!

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