Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing Hotel

Lost. So I am definitely not going to make it home today. Sigh. Not only was our last adventure cancelled this morning due to the weather but the driver in charge of the adventure got lost trying to take us back to the hotel. I'm not saying sitting in the back seat while a driver circles the same 6 mile radius again  and again in the pouring rain whilst looking for your hotel is the most fun you will ever have. I'm not even saying it is an enjoyable way to spend the day. In fact I am writing this blog on my tiny phone while the driver continues to try to find the hotel where my car is parked. I wonder if they moved the hotel!?? It was there this morning when he picked us up. He found the hotel then. Maybe it has relocated. I mean that is one good magic trick right there! Hotel! Vanished! So round and round we go. We were supposed to be on the road heading home no later than 1:00. It is now 3:45. Hmmmm. Hope we find that missing hotel soon!!!! Right now, the outlook is bleak. Oh look!!! It's the same bridge...... Again!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres, I am doing my best to get home to you!

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