Sunday, March 2, 2014

Because it's Sunday

I made it home safe and sound late last night and while I certainly did not wake up to the predicted snowmaggedon.....we did get a beautiful snowfall.  I am glad I didn't have to drive through the snow even though the storm was certainly less than predicted. Yesterday morning I woke up to this -

My daughter's one last snuggle with her Blossom Doodle
Please don't take my Blossom Doodle away!
It broke my heart to do that!
 This morning when I woke up I was feeling a little blue and then......
my son brought me this! He made me sunny-side up eggs, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice. I immediately had tears in my eyes and gave him a look that said, "why did you do this for me?"  He could tell what I was thinking and said, "Because it's Sunday! We always have a breakfast feast on Sunday.  Did you forget it was Sunday?"  He gave me the biggest smile and believe me I know why he did that.  My heart is still smiling.  It is nice to be so loved.

After breakfast my son and I took some doodle doggies for a snow romp

The doggies said this is a GREAT idea!

Guess who won the race up the hill?

They are really fast!

I did my best to keep up 

We got a little over 3 miles in

Before we turned around and headed back home.
I love Sundays.


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